Episode 04 – How The Movie Industry Killed My Hobbies

In this episode I talk about how getting hired to create models for Hollywood movies killed my hobbies (due to how much work I was doing and how little time off I had to pursue gaming and miniature painting and model-building)! I also discuss my current week’s hobby progress with tabletop wargaming terrain and I gush about the miniature painter (and kit-basher) Borgnine and his grimdark legions of undead he’s creating for Warhammer games.


Vision Crew’s Archival Facebook Page
Photos of models from Titanic, The Fifth Element and Dante’s Peak
First Mini I Painted After Coming Back To The Hobby!
Borgnine’s Main Blog
Borgnine’s Warhammer Shadespire Sepulcheral Guard
Borgnine’s Warhammer Underworlds Stormcast Warband The Faceless

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