Episode 06 – Is Our Tabletop Gaming Hobby Art?

In this episode I ramble about whether or not miniature painting, terrain crafting, D&D adventure writing (and playing!) can be considered art. TLDR; yes, of course lol. I also chat a bit about my weekly hobby progress, which I’m happy with this week, putting together Reaper Bones Black Iron Golem, 4 Reaper mummies, 1 Reaper Dark Elf Sorceress and 3 Games Workshop Vargheists! Getting them all ready for priming and painting. In Section Charlie, where I highlight someone or something cool I’ve found on the internet, I recommend the YouTube Channel Paepercuts! His awesome diorama skills and terrain building tutorials make him an awesome guy to watch and learn from.


Paepercuts YouTube Channel

Reaper Mummies

GW Vargheists/Crypt Flayers
Reaper Bones Black Iron Golem

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Watch the YouTube version of the podcast which contains time-lapse footage of working at the paint desk!