Episode 08 – Played My First Wargame in 25 Years!

This episode’s topic is all about the first wargame match I’ve played since getting back into the hobby! My brother Alessandro and I played our first game of Frostgrave, the skirmish game from Osprey Games and author Joseph A. McCullough. We had a great time and are slowly learning the rule set. We used all the terrain I had and we’ll need to make more, lol.

In Section Charlie, where I highlight someone or something cool I’ve found on the internet, I recommend the blog site (and associated Instagram accounts) Iron Sleet! These guys are building and painting Warhammer 40K armies and Mordheim2019 warbands with a grimdark theme and gnarly Nordic aesthetics! Wonderful artists, check ’em out at the links below.



The IronSleet instagram accounts

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