Episode 09 – My First Interview: Meet Miniature Painter Darcy Bono!

In this episode, I conduct my first interview with the awesome miniature painter Darcy Bono who I met on Instagram after coming across her amazing Games Workshop Beastmen! We talk shop for almost an hour, finding out how she got into the hobby, painting and commission work.

In Section Charlie, where I highlight someone or something cool I’ve found on the internet, I recommend the YouTube channel Obscurities In Miniature! These guys are awesome, collecting, opening and building miniatures from many different manufacturers from well-known studios like Games Workshop to really obscure companies like Durgin Paint Forge! This channel is a great way to find out about miniatures you’d probably never come across, from Kickstarters to Kingdom Death!


Darcy Bono on Instagram
Obscurities In Miniature
Winsor Newton Series 7
Tales of Instahammer
Durgin Paint Forge

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Watch the YouTube version of the podcast which contains time-lapse footage of working at the paint desk!