Episode 10: First-time Dungeon Master Advice from a First-time Dungeon Master

In this episode I give some un-solicited advice to first-time Dungeon Masters (and Game Masters) to help you get through your first game and make it a success for both you and your players. Being a first-time DM myself, none of my tips are necessarily ones you should listen to, but they might be helpful all the same! I offer six tips to help run games for first-time players, covering topics like what size party you should start with; not sweating the rules; keeping the game moving; keeping description to a minimum; not bothering with player character depth at the beginning; and how you can (and should!) alter your plans for the game on the fly to avoid railroading players.

In Section Charlie, where I highlight someone or something cool I’ve found on the internet, I recommend the YouTube and Twitch streaming miniature painter Jack of Clubs Painting! This guy is awesome with both traditional brushes and airbrushes. His tutorials are specific and followable and his paint work is amazing. Check him out at the links below.


Jack of Clubs Painting on YouTube
Jack_of_Clubs_Painting on Twitch

Runehammer on YouTube
The Angry GM

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Watch the YouTube version of the podcast which contains time-lapse footage of working at the paint desk!