Episode 13: Interview With A Hollywood Movie Model Maker!

In this episode I interview my very good friend John Hoffman, the guy I went into the Hollywood special effects industry with and who still to this day manages to work in film and television as a model maker. He’s worked on films from James Cameron’s Titanic to the stop-motion Kubo and has even worked for Disney Imagineering! In this podcast episode he talks about various models he worked on in the last 20 years as well as his original Star Wars lightsaber prop and even some tips on how one might get into the commercial craftsmanship trade today.

00:00:00 – Opening (News & Sundries)
00:03:02 – Interview
00:56:46 – Hobby Progress
0:59:49 – Section Charlie

In Section Charlie, where I highlight something or someone cool I’ve come across on the internet I shout out the YouTube channel Plasmo – plastic modeler. This gentleman from Czechia is a master craftsman, model builder and painter, from WWII dioramas to fighter planes to even some sci-fi kits. His videos are meticulously shot and edited very cleanly, they are calming and just a joy to watch. You can learn plenty of tips and tricks, check him out at https://www.youtube.com/user/idaemon


John Hoffman on Instagram: @talkaboutstarwars

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Watch the YouTube version of the podcast which contains time-lapse footage of working at the paint desk!