Episode 14: Interview with Kari – @Koltti – from Ironsleet.com

In this episode, I am super stoked to bring you a wonderful interview with a wonderful tabletop artist, this gentleman has perfect Rally English, he dreams in grim darkness and he hails from IronSleet … dot com. Also, he hails from Finland. Kari is his first name, I shall not butcher his last name out of respect for the man and his family. He’s a brutal force of a miniature painter, he’s crazy when it comes to building one-of-a-kind, totally immersive, nightmarish terrain and he’s a self-professed flagellant scourging himself at the alter of Nottingham – he’s a true Warhammer fan boy and we both mean that in the best of all possible ways!

00:00:00 – Opening (News & Sundries)
00:04:29 – Interview
01:03:16 – Hobby Progress
01:06:17 – Section Charlie

In Section Charlie, where I highlight something or someone cool I’ve come across on the internet I shout out YouTuber and Instagramer Platypus Scotsman. On Instagram that’s @platypusscotsman and on YouTube that’s Platypus Scotsman. I came across this gentleman in one of the facebook groups I shadow, I think Tabletop Crafters Guild, but he’d built this crazy Angor-wat inspired wall section with great big tree roots snaking all over it and I found his scatter terrain tutorials on YouTube. The tutorials are great and very clear to watch and his work is really well done! I love the way he achieves really natural looking nature – natural-looking nature? yeah I said that – and I meant it! One of the coolest videos is on making a frozen pond with wax! Very cool. But then I went to see if he was on instagram and boy, is he ever! He’s got some awesome miniatures on there, his paint work is excellent, he’s got a ton more terrain and stuff as well, so … go check him out!


Kari on Instagram @Koltti
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