Episode 20 – Some Fantasy Books I Recommend!

This week I just ramble about four fantasy authors and my favorite of their books. I chat about Frances Hardinge, Nancy Springer, Jeff Smith and Joe Abercrombie and what I like about my favorite books of theirs and not only just how good they are for reading but also how they might be inspirational for running Dungeons and Dragons campaigns or rpg world-building or homebrew tabletop scenarios.

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Episode 19 – Art Is Medicine: an Interview with ShoshiesMinis!

This week I interview the wonderful Shoshie of ShoshiesMinis; she is a miniature painter with a mission and a classical art background. She’s also a highly respected commission painter. She’s super fun to talk with and she’s also great fun to hang out with on Twitch where she chats with viewers and works on whatever personal miniatures she happens to have in her queue at the time. Today we discuss all kinds of things: from Kingdom Death to painting for yourself instead of judges to miniatures as fine art to her tools of the trade, and even pond fishing! That’s right! Catch and release … catch and release, that’s like a motif for this podcast … huh.

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Trollkin Shaman from Privateer Press!

Episode 18 – Endorse Your Make-Believe: an Interview with Kelsey Dionne of the Arcane Library!

This week I interview the awesome Kelsey Dionne of the Arcane Library. The Arcane Library is a publisher for best-selling Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition third-party content and printable card-based gaming aids. Kelsey is the writer of the Arcane Library’s D&D 5e adventures and it’s her writing chops and layout skills as pertaining specifically to D&D adventure modules that made me really want to chat with her about Dungeons and Dragons and her writing process. One of the things that impresses me about her adventures are the way they are graphically laid out and I would recommend downloading at least the free adventure from the website (Temple of the Basilisk Cult) so you can see what I see while we chat. During the interview we talk about her writing of course but we also talk about Dungeons and Dragons the game in general, how she runs it herself and my favorite section is probably when we discuss “why D&D” … air quotes … and a few topics relating to that like dungeon master advice and some D&D tips for low level players.

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Episode 17 – DaShinobi Flow: Interview with MalevMinis!

This week’s episode is a pretty interesting conversation that did not go at all like I thought it was going to. The conversation I have with miniature painter and music producer MalevDaShinobi flows, kinda like music, from one topic to another and back and intertwines different threads and all in all I was totally surprised at the sort of depth we explored on topics that I thought were going to be fairly technical but ended up being more philosophical than anything else, all driven by Malev himself. Some broad highlights from our conversation are: discussing his music and how poetry and music and miniature painting all kind of flow together while trying to produce an emotional response in people; we talk about freelancing and making a living as a commission painter and how that feels relative to working a “9 to 5” type of gig and we talk about the psychological impact of viewing insanely good top-tier miniature painting works of art at contests like the Crystal Brush. All of that in addition to chatting about his paint style and his twitch streaming and tabletop gaming.

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