Children’s book for kids dealing with the death of a relative

If you know a child who has lost someone close to them, this book, written from the perspective of a fellow child, might appeal to them in ways they understand. It might help them deal with the subject of death, an inevitable and necessary part of life. Sometimes this subject is difficult to discuss in any truly meaningful way. Maybe my daughter’s story can hep in some small way with that.

Cardboard Papa, by Katerina and Ignatius Fischer is available on Amazon Kindle and the Kindle App for iOS and Android.

The illustrated children’s book is for kids aged 4 – 7 and their parents or other relatives and is specifically my daughter’s own take on how she dealt with the passing of her grandfather when she was 5 years old. She related this story to me and her mother and I felt compelled to write it down and illustrate it. My daughter actually posed for photographic reference for the art and we printed out a few copies at the office store, cut them and stapled them up to hand out to close relatives. That was 17 years ago. Today, Cardboard Papa finally got added to the Amazon Kindle ebook store. It’s priced at the lowest price point Amazon allows for ebooks. The first half is available for free as a preview.

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