Episode 17 – DaShinobi Flow: Interview with MalevMinis!

This week’s episode is a pretty interesting conversation that did not go at all like I thought it was going to. The conversation I have with miniature painter and music producer MalevDaShinobi flows, kinda like music, from one topic to another and back and intertwines different threads and all in all I was totally surprised at the sort of depth we explored on topics that I thought were going to be fairly technical but ended up being more philosophical than anything else, all driven by Malev himself. Some broad highlights from our conversation are: discussing his music and how poetry and music and miniature painting all kind of flow together while trying to produce an emotional response in people; we talk about freelancing and making a living as a commission painter and how that feels relative to working a “9 to 5” type of gig and we talk about the psychological impact of viewing insanely good top-tier miniature painting works of art at contests like the Crystal Brush. All of that in addition to chatting about his paint style and his twitch streaming and tabletop gaming.

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Episode 16: Hobby Love – an Interview with BenSquig from Rad_heim!

This week I’ve gone all the way down under to chat with a gentleman about a table. Not just any table and not just any gentleman. He goes by BenSquig on Instagram and his gaming group is rad_heim – also on Instagram. And rad_heim is how I first discovered these guys and their crazy gaming table which when I encountered it was all about pirates and tropical island plateaus with jagged cliffs, half-submerged buildings, rope bridges everywhere and gibbets, tons of gibbets. Oh and skulls! A skull for every boy and girl I think. I mean, there’s a lot of skulls on this board. The pirate theme really caught my eye and the vast scale of what these guys do was just so inspiring! But once I started talking with Ben it became apparent pretty quickly that there was a lot more to their gaming and terrain and warbands than I initially thought – and even to the spokesman himself! Turns out he worked on White Dwarf for a while, the hobby magazine produced by Games Workshop! There’s lots of surprises in this one!

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Episode 15: Mileage – An Interview with Artist Daniel Landerman

In this episode, I have a very special guest, he’s an artist of extraordinary talent. I met him briefly at San Diego Comic Con a few years ago where he had a pile of his sketch books at his table and I was able to just sort of stand there and flip through actual cracked and worn leather bound volumes of his work, some of it casual, some of it inked, some of it finished, all of it mind-blowingly cool. We have a great conversation about art and about his working habits, how he learned, what he does professionally and even some general stuff about loving the fantasy genre.

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Episode 14: Interview with Kari – @Koltti – from Ironsleet.com

In this episode, I am super stoked to bring you a wonderful interview with a wonderful tabletop artist, this gentleman has perfect Rally English, he dreams in grim darkness and he hails from IronSleet … dot com. Also, he hails from Finland. Kari is his first name, I shall not butcher his last name out of respect for the man and his family. He’s a brutal force of a miniature painter, he’s crazy when it comes to building one-of-a-kind, totally immersive, nightmarish terrain and he’s a self-professed flagellant scourging himself at the alter of Nottingham – he’s a true Warhammer fan boy and we both mean that in the best of all possible ways!

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Episode 13: Interview With A Hollywood Movie Model Maker!

In this episode I interview my very good friend John Hoffman, the guy I went into the Hollywood special effects industry with and who still to this day manages to work in film and television as a model maker. He’s worked on films from James Cameron’s Titanic to the stop-motion Kubo and has even worked for Disney Imagineering! In this podcast episode he talks about various models he worked on in the last 20 years as well as his original Star Wars lightsaber prop and even some tips on how one might get into the commercial craftsmanship trade today.

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Episode 11: Interview with Commission Miniature Painter HoundstoothMinis!

In this episode I interview Steven Vu a.k.a. Houndstooth Miniature Painting. We have a long conversation about all kinds of cool and interesting things, from favorite movies to favorite painting techniques. We especially learn a lot about the creative business and work of running a high volume commission painting service.

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Episode 09 – My First Interview: Meet Miniature Painter Darcy Bono!

In this episode, I conduct my first interview with the awesome miniature painter Darcy Bono who I met on Instagram after coming across her amazing Games Workshop Beastmen! We talk shop for almost an hour, finding out how she got into the hobby, painting and commission work.

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