Episode 05 – Brute Force Your Motivation

In this episode I ramble about the struggle some of us have with getting down to work with our hobby stuff! Have you ever had a problem with motivation? Have you wondered why sometimes you can imagine doing your hobby work but just can’t quite physically get over to the work bench, the painting table, the writing desk? I deal with this constantly and … I think I have the ugly answer for all of us. I also discuss my current week’s hobby progress, which includes finishing up the Games Workshop Gryph-Hounds and using Rustoleum’s Frosted Glass spray to matte coat and seal both finished miniatures and scatter terrain pieces. In Section Charlie (a.k.a. What’s Something Cool I Found Online This Week) I highlight the miniature painter @darcy_bono_creations on Instagram and the commission work she’s been doing with Games Workshop models.

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Episode 04 – How The Movie Industry Killed My Hobbies

In this episode I talk about how getting hired to create models for Hollywood movies killed my hobbies (due to how much work I was doing and how little time off I had to pursue gaming and miniature painting and model-building)! I also discuss my current week’s hobby progress with tabletop wargaming terrain and I gush about the miniature painter (and kit-basher) Borgnine and his grimdark legions of undead he’s creating for Warhammer games.

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Episode 02 – How I Got Into D&D pt II

In this second episode I do what I do best, ramble even more. I talk about joining the Army where I DM’ed my first real games and I clarify what exactly it is about the game Frostgrave that I found so “awesome” in Episode 01. I also attempt to drill down to what hooked or hooks me into the fantasy genre.

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Episode 01 – How I Got Into D&D pt I

In this first episode I do what I do best, ramble. Not having done this before, I’m still working out the format of the episodes, but I think you’ll see where I’m headed, structure-wise. In any event, I discuss my first and second interaction with Dungeons & Dragons (my first encounter during the 5th grade did NOT go down like most people’s fun and exciting entry to the role playing game wonderland)! Then I describe in too much random detail what hobby projects I’m currently working on.

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Episode 00 – An Explanation

CryinMo's Tabletop Alchemy podcast Episode 0

Episode 0 answers three questions. Who am I? What is Tabletop Alchemy about? Why am I producing the Tabletop Alchemy podcast?

Show Notes

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