Episode 27 – Hobby Renaissance? Interview with Wyatt Turk, JackOfClubsPainting!

Today we chat with Wyatt Turk, otherwise known as Jack Of Clubs Painting on Twitch, Facebook and YouTube. He provides quick tutorials on his YouTube channel and lessons for hire via Patreon. He’s badass with an airbrush – and in fact he drops one of the best quotes ever describing his relationship with his airbrush, but I’ll let you get to that naturally in the interview – but his overall painting quality is stupendous while still being accessible, meaning he paints up entire armies at an amazing tabletop standard but then can show you exactly how he achieves his signature look. He’s also a strategist and hardcore tournament Warhammer40k player, we talk about sour beers, journeyman painters versus initiates and masters, we discuss how fast you can learn how to get better at miniature painting online, having something to show for your time, we talk about Warhammer40k 8th edition, gaming schedules, Ultramarine fandom, using spreadsheets to help with turning around fully painted armies in record time, competitive gaming, how important it is to know what you want to get out of the hobby, keeping up with the speed of the meta, tetrad color wheels, airbrush gunslinging and his secret love of Blood Bowl!

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